Tyson and DouthSouth

December 9th, 2009 by kcrave


Emperor Tyson ain’t amused with his servant Down South. Brotha just fuckin up the grapes n shit, so now it’s time for Down South to offer up his ass or get executed. This a no brainer of course, Down South loves and knows hot to treat some dick right and he’s very willing to show Tyson just how much he can turn him on. Down South is a master cock sucker, but even better he ain’t got no trouble taking Tyson’s phat fuckin dick. Tyson is vicious fa sho and on top of his game, bending Down South over everything in range mercilessly pounding away to drown out Down South’s screams. Man, Tyson gettin his nut worth here fuckin down that ass non stop and finishin it all over with a blast to the face!


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  • George says:

    When is Tyson going to bottom or do a versatile scene ? It’s so long overdue

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