JohnnyBoy + Mac Mace

February 25th, 2008 by kcrave

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Johnnyboy pickin up Mac Mace. Foo all walkin in the rain, so Johnnyboy be givin him a lift and in return Mace gets down on his knees and sucks that big ole pipe. Mac Mace gets his ass dug out fiercely, but Johnnyboy ain””t no stranger to givin up his either, so Mac Mace hops on top after Johnnyboy is satisfied and tired from all dat fuckin and the take nuts to the face from each other. These brothas know how to share tha lovin fa sho!

The ever so talented JohnnyBoy tackles on Mac Mace in this hotass flipfloppin scene. Even the actin in the beginning is goood! For the full clip, hit up the always updated


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