ROCK and Snow Bunni

September 14th, 2009 by kcrave


Rock showin up at tha crib to talk some bizniz with Breion, but Breion is like fuck dat shit and tells Snow Bunni to handle it. Rock ain’t none to pleased that Breion ain’t around and that his time is being wasted… so in return Snow Bunni makes sure Rock at least got a good time. That ass is on fiya fa sho and Rock ain’t got a problem whippin out that big ass gangsta dick. Rock fucks that ass real good and busts a big fuckin nut all over Snow Bunni.


2 Responses to “ ROCK and Snow Bunni ”
  • blatinoboi89 says:

    these pix are hot- I wish I could work with these guys I kno we would get hella viewers lol!!!

  • Dajuan Eubanks says:

    snow bunni hit me up by email, facebook or my user name is pyro_

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