The Sexiness that is Brick

December 17th, 2007 by kcrave

Brick -



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  • dmx says:

    thuglife. please,

  • E Day says:

    That dude is mad sexy and you can have him. He is a better fuck off camera than he is on camera. He did me right.

  • Dufflebag Boi says:


    Well anyway, where are the booty shots?

  • Mars says:

    Applause for my best friend

  • kcrave says:

    @ Dufflebag Boi…they didn’t provide any :(

  • jose says:

    how can I contact “BRICK” from in order to hire him as an escort? is he apearing in any clubs in NYC? I would love to eat his ass one day !

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  • E Day says:

    Check a4a in philly…muscleboyy is his screen name.

  • jose says:

    thank you for the info!! i already contacted him andf will be meeting “brick” in NYC!

    THANK YOU !!!!!!

  • kcrave says:

    Damn, that’ wassup!

  • scooby says:

    Hey you guys… I just wanted to thank yuo for all the love you show my friend… I showed him one of these blog sites he didn’t know that they existed but the love definitely encourages him more and makes him want to give more to you.. You should know he is a very funny and cool person and deserves the kind of positive attention you guys bring him and from the bottom of my heart and brick again I say thank you… look for him on other sexsites if you have a problem finding him anywhere else as far as video or escorting contact me.. you can contact me on aim dick10fatbuttsnj I don’t have as problem connecting you for more of my dudes sexy body… Again thanks for the love

  • The 1 says:

    Get real – the dude is the worst top I’ve seen. He giggles during the movies likes he’s on drugs. And for him to supposedly be only 23 he looks like he’s been through it. He and SlimThug are too odd tops on screen. Laughing like two bitches.

  • WillF says:

    Eh, Brick’s okay. I don’t like his face sometimes. Is he DP’s spokesmodel or something?

    I much prefer Berlin myself.

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  • Lyzell says:

    Brick is WACK. He needs to STFU and stick a dick in his mouth, since his own is small and not worth a damn. He talks WAY too much. No one really cares. His sex is corny and his attitude further exposes him for the arrogant no-dick-havin’, insecure-type that he is.

  • Greggie Fresh says:

    Brick might look more like a thug if he had some hair on his face. I saw a picture of him with just that and he came across as being much more than when he is clean shaven. I agree with the comment from dmx – “thuglife, please” The only thugs that I know who are so clean shaven are the pretend one who rode the short bus to school in Philadelphia.

  • it's me says:

    I agree, Brick is wack. Aside from a small or avg dick, and i ain’t into big dicks i got my own, he’s constantly posing for the cam. what the hell is that??? if you’re in the scene then fuck. let us have our fantasy. why is he giggling and looking in the camera like he’s a fucking supper model. saw him in a white gay club in nyc. body is fitter than video but he’s a soft kat. NO THANKS. Ruined the fantasy.

  • Toronto says:

    Gawd Dayummm y’all are some haters to tha 10th power!!! Lay off the dude like you know him!!! I’m not a huge fan of Brick but seriously get lives cause I know you dudes on here are not tha biz the way y’all talkin.

  • Yuck says:

    Brick is the most shallow and wackest out of all of them. He’s wack in bed and I wish they would put more of these others upfront. He’s the reason I cancelled my sub. He’s just so corny and can’t even back up the arrogance with a good lay. BORING. Put October, or Slim thug up front. They worth the price, not this schmucky looking goon.

  • hugo says:

    i had sex once with brick,man i can’t forget that man,he is the man

  • hugo says:

    is so funny people is saying all this staff about brick,and i met him when i was living in houston,at the time i didn’t talk inglesh very well,(i am african)and he was so nice too me,and believe the sex was great,he was a great top to me,maybe becouse i am good looking african guy,the truth is :he is a gentleman.and since that day i respect him.a brick if u read this shit, i am the gold pircing african sexy boy,lol

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