Taggaz.com – Another FlipFlop Flick

February 25th, 2008 by kcrave

Taggaz.com - Sarge and Diablo

Well damn another one! Is this a trend in thug gay porn? YOU MUST BE VERSATILE IN ORDER TO WORK FOR OUR STUDIOS! I hope so, let the bottoms and tops fade into existence. Everyone must give up the ass and learn how to use their dick (yeah let’s see how that plays out!). This hot hot clip stars Sarge and Diablo.


8 Responses to “ Taggaz.com – Another FlipFlop Flick ”
  • topman516 says:

    Damn these 2 motherfuckers are hot like fire!

  • […] I love it when two brothas go at it like this! Diablo and Ramon go at in this Taggaz Sexy Thugz scene. Ramon sucks on Diablo ass like the juiciest piece […]

  • GreggieFresh says:

    Who is the brother with the chain and the tattoos? He can be versatile with me and then we could do it again and again.

  • mikoisurs says:

    sarge is so damn fine he has nice lips a phat ass bubbly booty a sexy ass dick this nigga has it all I wish he was in the atl doing escort services I would pay to get that nigga in my bed wit them legs wide open I would beat that ass up and suck on them sexy ass lips. I would bitch fuck him.

  • mikoisurs says:

    that is sarge sexy ass wit that chain on.

  • I would Dick Sarge Sexy Ass Down 5 time in the morning, 5 times 5 times at night, 7 days a week and I’m guaranteed to make that nigga cum without touchin’ himself!!!


  • jordan says:

    damn sarge is toooooo damn sexy ……………………..wat is his real name

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