Phat Daddy and Cristobol

October 5th, 2011 by kcrave

PapiThugz - Phat Daddy fucks Cristobol

Phat Daddy is back at Papithugz where he belongs. And we hooked him up with Cristobol, bringing that tight body, macho hunger, magazine cover looks and all that sexy-ass, New York City swagger to the party. They got that gotta-adjust-my-drawers chemistry from the jump. When a pissed-off Cristobol says, “You want somebody fuckin’ with your dick that’s not me?!!” — the shit was on. Papa is super-versatile, but today, he’s gonna take that big, ol’ Phat Daddy dick. And Daddy don’t disappoint. Moaning, breathing heavy, legs spread wide, this fine young brother gets a real serious fuck. That’s a lot of dick in that boy. But, ya’ll like that, don’t you?


Massage Fuck Fantasy

April 27th, 2011 by kcrave

Papithugz - Massage Fuck Fantasy featuring PhatDaddy

Raising the bar for masseurs everywhere, Blatino Oasis award-winner (and one of our personal favorites) Phat Daddy is back to give D-Low his money’s worth in his first video–ever. He didn’t expect the ass pounding he got from Phat D. and he could be heard from blocks away screaming with rapturous delight. What could be better than that? Check it.


Papithugz – Ass on a Platter

May 3rd, 2010 by kcrave

Young New Discovery Saint appears in his first video ever watchin a porn DVD and calls fan favorites Phat Daddy and Marco Cruz (in his second appearance on Papithugz) for some live action ass eatin and hard fuckin in all kinds of positions.


Dynomite & Phat Daddy

October 13th, 2009 by kcrave

Dynomite and PhatDaddy - Black Gay Porn

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Dynomite is a Gemini, just as his big tat says. His horoscope for today is: You’ll encounter an old friend with a big, thick cock that will want to shove it in and out of your asshole until he cums all over your chest. Who ever said these things had to be boring and mundane? After Phat Daddy lays down some game on Dynomite, he finds it easier than he thought it would be to get him to get down on both knees and start sucking his big, fat cock. He must have thought he had a silver tongue, seeing how quickly Dynomite got to work, but he didn’t know he just had some help from his lucky stars!


Papithugz – Fuckin Pool Party

July 28th, 2009 by kcrave


Time for an all-out Fuckin good time with some of the hottest: Miguel Lee is long overdue here now with Cornbread and Phat Daddy in his Papithugz debut. Miguel is in for a ride as his hole gets double clocked by these two big-dicked hotties–and all Poolside.