Office Janitor Fuck

October 27th, 2011 by kcrave

Dawgpoundusa - Office Janitor Fuck, featuring Python and Artiist

Dawgpound’s newest muscle-bottom, Artist, loves to get fucked. So, we hooked him up with Python, Mr. Dick himself, to dig-out that back. As the young executive, Artist’s benefits package apparently includes sucking janitor Python’s big-ass dick. With the New York City skyline as a back-drop, Python then gets his deep-stroke all up in Artist’s pretty, bubble-ass. The brother must’ve really liked it cuz he gave it up quick and let Mr. Dick fuck that hole any way he wanted. Yo, when the dick is good it’s “madd good.” It’s the Dawgpound, baby, get with it.


Fuck Me Good

October 26th, 2011 by kcrave

Dawgpoundusa - Fuck Me Good - featuring Venom, Cash, and Jay Vegas

We got some FINE big dick brothers in the Dawgpound. Long-stroking Jay Vegas is back. And Venom brings that beautiful smile and thick, slurpable pipe to the party. Plus, Cash makes his DP debut. This good-looking young brother, all tatted-up, doesn’t say much, but when you got two big-ass dicks in your face, what’s there to talk about? Cash can take some dick, too. Venom beats it up, eats it up, then Cash flips the script and Venpm throws up his legs. Cool! Jay Vegas gets to fuck them both. I ain’t mad. We are serving up dick and ass today in the Dawgpound, HELL YEAH!


Verse Time featuring Sarge and Rico

October 6th, 2011 by kcrave

DawgpoundUSA - Verse Time featuring Sarge and Rico

It’s big-muscle, flip-flop action in the Dawgpound! Rico, in his Dawgpound debut, got a date with Sarge. The brothers only have an hour before their show starts, but that’s just enough time for Rico to get his tongue all up in Sarge’s big-muscle ass. That’s some good eatin’. And, with that long, hard piece swinging between his legs, it don’t stop there. Rico works the bone up in that hole deep and hard. Of course, Sarge (that fine-ass muthafucka) takes the dick like a STAR. Then he flips Rico, makes him open wide and fucks that brother like needs to be fucked. With all the noise he was making, I think he liked it. Sarge and Rico do the damn thing in the Dawgpound, come and get some.


Vers Master Class

April 7th, 2011 by kcrave

Dawgpoundusa - Hotrod, Lo, and Kris threesome!

Love a brutha who can sling some dick one minute and take some the next. But, when you got three of them — well, damn! — looks like a party to me. We got three Dawgpound favorites, Kris, LO and 2011 Blatino Oasis Erotica Award Winner, HotRod, serving up major dick and scrumptious ass just for you. This time, everybody’s juicy boy-hole gets beat up, and I ain’t mad. Big, drippin’ dicks and tight fuckable ass are on the menu today. Hope you came hungry!


Breion Fucks Anubis! (aka Berlin)

April 20th, 2008 by kcrave

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Damn Berlin! Your just making your way around the internets these days. Dawgpoundusa, Papithugz, Ebonyd.com, Enrique Cruz, Tiger Tyson, and now Flava””””””””s Thugboy.com got you. I haven””””””””t seen this much world domination in black gay porn since Venom. What””””””””s next? Berlin: Once Upon A Time In New York 4. Hell if Shorty J can knock it out of the park, you can too!

Breion and Anubis just chillin watchin some shit on tv and who cares about that shit when you got a fine piece of ass like that right in front of ya. Breion strips down the muscular hot as fuck Anubis and starts eatin dat ass and gettin his dick all up in Anubis”””””””” face. The brotha ain””””””””t trippin and be offering his ass to Breion who can””””””””t deny that shit and fucks him hard doggy style and then flips him around to finish him off and nut all over dat big phat ass.