Arquez and Valentino

August 8th, 2011 by kcrave

RawRods - Arquez fucks Valentino

Two of the hottest thugs back again for some more raw action. Arquez runs across Valentino chillin on his couch, he just coming outta the shower, so he drops that towel and let’s Valentino have at it. He’s suckin that dick and Arquez is hard in no time ready for the fuck of his life. After some delicious foreplay Arquez gets right to it and fucks Valentino silly. He aint lettin go of that ass once he’s got his dick inside, but holy shit what is that! Arquez flips around and rides Valentino’s dick like it ain’t no thing. You know he loves it cuz that dick’s stil on hard and at least a yard. The two just keep going back and forth til errbody is ready for some nuts!

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Arquez + Ciroc Star + Valentino

April 16th, 2011 by kcrave

Thugboy - Arquez + Ciroc Star + Valentino

Valentino is taking a shower, soapin up his dick real good, getting sparkly clean, only to find himself in a threesome gettin nasty as all fuck. Ciroc Star meanwhile is passed out on the bed, when Arquez steps up to him and whips out his thug pipe and slaps him in the face a lil. Ciroc is a total slut for dick so he’s welcoming the rude awakening and deepthroats Arquez til his dick his hard as rock. Valentino is feelin a lil left out at this point, so he pulls down Ciroc’s panties and figer fucks him while getting sucked off by Arquez. Soon Ciroc is pinned between the two getting fucked from all directions, but Arquez makes sure he gets some of Valentino’s ass too. This is one spectacular fuck fest!

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Arquez and Taz Alexanders

April 1st, 2011 by kcrave

Thugboy - Arquez and Taz Alexanders

Taz Alexanders chillin just waiting for some friends when Arquez comes along and takes his hand. He just can’t resist that swaggers and sexy ass body. He knows he wants to get that dick and take it raw, so fuck the friends, Taz goes back to Arquez’ joint where the two strip down right away. Taz is crazy for that fat pipe lickin and suckin it like candy. After Arquez pounds Taz’ face for a minute he decides it’s time for action and rams his rod right into that juicy ass butthole. Arquez fucks non stop, tha brotha is in shape and ain’t breaking a sweat. A true motherfuckin fuck machine! This thug can slay any ass!


Arquez + D-Roc

March 18th, 2011 by kcrave

RawRods - Arquez + D-Roc

Arquez is delivering some pizza to D-Roc but that bitch ain’t got no tip, so Arquez makes sure he’s gettin something, and that’s gettin his dick sucked and gettin in that juicy fuck hole. D-Roc knows how to caress that dick with his lips and tongue and soon enough Arquez is ready to fuck him raw til D-Roc bust that nut. He was supposed to tip Arquez, but he’s getting just as much outta this fuck session!

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Arquez and Ralphh Laurin

March 9th, 2011 by kcrave

Thugboy -  Arquez and Ralphh Laurin

Ralphh Laurin talkin to his homie Arquez on the phone tryna sweet talk him into gettin his phat dick over to his crib so he can suck on it real good. Arquez dick is big and hard as fuck, ready to slay some of that fine ass. Arquez knows how to dick a brotha down and it shows. He is ruthless and full of ass destroyin sexual anger lettin Ralphh know who the motherfuckin boss is up in dis piece!