Ruff Ryder – Part 2

December 27th, 2007 by kcrave

Cocodorm’s Ruff Ryder

So what if he’s the thug who hangs around your apartment all the time. I see u lookin!


8 Responses to “ Ruff Ryder – Part 2 ”
  • meatlman says:

    This man said he is all str8. So why is he always posed up on gaysites. Stop the teasin.

  • DMX says:

    st8 my a@@ he is cute in the face i think the tat is a lil tired and those nappy dreds need to be cut

  • EatMyAss says:

    He would make a great bottom..

  • meatlman says:

    Something about him looks prisonish

  • DeviantDude says:

    Im mad u said something about him looks prionish, lol. But I would have to agree. He is very sexy tho…in that bad boy you shouldnt mess with kinda way.

  • meatlman says:

    I see he’s on dawgpoundusa. Anyone seen it yet? He can’t be too str8 hangin out there.

  • Greggie Fresh says:

    I would love to run into this one any where. He can be straight to my bedroom. Finally a thug that looks the part and is gorgeous to boot. Keep looking for more like him.

  • theone says:

    someone on xtube said he was him and was sending me pics of this guy people have no lifes

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