Papicock – Carlos Ramirez and Manny Brock

March 18th, 2008 by kcrave

Papicock - Carlos Ramirez and Manny Brock

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Papicock - Carlos Ramirez and Manny Brock

Carlos just be benchin some plates when slender Papi Manny Brock strolls into the gym. Dressed with just a towel Carlos knows what’s up and gets to sucking that dick right away so it’s all nice and hard for the pounding he’s craving oh so much. Now Manny knows how to dish that Papi cock out, he’s got Carlos’ eyes rolling into the back of his head screamin in ecstasy. Manny finishes Carlos off by nutting all over that toned fine ass of Carlos.


4 Responses to “ Papicock – Carlos Ramirez and Manny Brock ”
  • George says:

    Just wanted to ask why you promote Brick so much

    Like so many others, I find Brick disturbing. He has a small dick and is very boring as a top on DawgpoundUSA. Dawgpound got so many requests for Brick to bottom on its fantasy page that they no longer post them. Whilst a whole range of blogs have many comments that Brick would be better bottoming. Everyone is getting fed up with Brick the way he is. He needs to change.

  • kcrave says:

    Wassup George.

    I really don’t think I promote Brick that much at all, unless your referring to the static banner at the top right. I agree, I do think Brick would make a better bottom though. The picture of him is really just a banner to promote Dawgpoundusa.

  • Whomp Whomp says:

    LMAO this shit was Hilarious! All “Carlos” knows is Aye, papi, and si?! Worse porn of the century. And the top is terrible and so is the bottom.

  • kcrave says:

    LOL @ Whomp Whomp. He’s trying!

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