The Seduction of Caesar

June 9th, 2015


Caesar is a sexy straight Southern stud with a thick and muscular body that will no doubt have many gay viewers drooling long before his clothes ever come off! He wrestled and played football in high school before joining the Army, and he now serves in the National Guard and competes as an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter.
To help us introduce BBA’s newest Southern straight boy to the forbidden pleasures of guy-on-guy sex, we recruited another exciting new model who will already be familiar to some of BBA’s viewers. Known for showing off every inch of his tempting young body on social media sites like Tumblr and Vine, Debonair is finally taking things to the NEXT LEVEL and making his exclusive gay porn debut here at BBA!

While their first encounter had plenty of hot, first-time action, not everything went according to plan and unfortunately Caesar’s “straightness” got the better of him near the end of that scene. In order to save the scene and give Debonair the dick he deserved, I decided to bring in a more experienced bisexual “top” to show the rookie straight boy what fucking guys is about!

There’s nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, nipple-sucking, dick-swallowing, and ass-licking when BLAKE BISHOP joins Debonair and Caesar for a surprising and unpredictable threesome the very next day. Our newest gay/bi models have some fun testing the stocky straight soldier’s limits and pushing him FAR out of his comfort zone!

Some of the more memorable highlights from this action-packed threesome include:

* Blake Bishop tongue-kissing Caesar while Debonair greedily sucks BOTH of their BIG DICKS at the same time.

* Debonair and Blake Bishop sharing Caesar’s saliva-soaked dick while sensually kissing each other at the same time.

* Blake Bishop’s sexy mouth stuffed with Caesar’s massive dick at one end and Debonair’s wriggling tongue in his ass at the other as the masculine Baltimore bisexual lets Debonair enjoy a tempting taste of his tight, “top-only” ass!

One of my favorite parts of this scene comes when Caesar gives up his own VIRGIN mouth to make up for his inability to perform as a “top.” Seeing this beefy straight stud slurping awkwardly away at Blake Bishop’s big dick as streams of saliva spill out of his mouth is a real treat that you don’t want to miss!

As if that weren’t already exciting enough, Caesar also agrees to let another man taste his sweet straight-boy ASSHOLE for the VERY FIRST TIME. This is something totally different and new that he’s never even let FEMALES do to him before!

Of course the GRAND FINALE of this lengthy, action-packed scene comes when Blake Bishop aggressively pounds Debonair’s smooth bubble-butt while the shell-shocked straight boy strokes his dick and watches the hot show with a confused mixture of curiosity, excitement, and surprise.


Get It in and then get out!

May 25th, 2015

Unusual seeing a Top use poppers, but still a hot clip


Romance and Diego

May 25th, 2015

Romance and Diego

This week BreeditRaw brings to you “ROMANCIN’ THAT ASS” ! Romance is back and and he is taking total control this go around! He dives in Diego raw, leaving his hole a creamy mess! He romances the booty until his sleek rod explodes deep inside Diego’s gushing hole! Watch Romance freak like he never has and Diego is the perfect dude to be taking that A1 dick! Peek Romance’s return below!


Pullin That Nutt Out!

May 21st, 2015

Usually don’t care for oral videos but this did it for me at the end!


There’s A New Top In Town – Blake Bishop and Suspense

May 19th, 2015


This week we’re introducing something exciting and new that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile: a special series of scenes filmed and directed by the BBA models! For this particular shoot, I trained Lil Tyga on how to use the camera and then turned him loose to film and direct the scene as he wished.

It’s somewhat fitting that for his directorial debut, Lil Tyga was able to work with Blake Bishop, a brand-new model who reminds me a lot of him when he first started out. A sexy, bisexual “top” with a slim, athletic body and insatiable appetite for tight ass, Blake Bishop comes to us from Baltimore through the BBA Tumblr and tells us that he’s always fantasized about performing in porn.
For his amateur action debut, we’ve paired Blake Bishop with the popular BBA veteran Suspense, who proved in his encounter with Migo last year that there’s no dick out there TOO BIG or TOO ROUGH for his thick, juicy ass! “I hope you can bring it!” Suspense playfully taunts his newbie co-star shortly after meeting him for the very first time. “I hope you can TAKE IT!” Blake Bishop replies with a confident smile.

Like an excited child unwrapping a present, Suspense wastes no time helping Blake Bishop out of his clothes and getting his first look at the new model’s slim, sexy body. He slowly and seductively pulls down Blake Bishop’s boxers to reveal a very PLEASANT SURPRISE! Don’t let Blake Bishop’s quiet and laid-back personality fool you! This sexy new “top” is a force to be reckoned with when the clothes come off and the action begins.

It’s fun to watch Blake Bishop slowly shake off his nerves and come out of his shell and before you know it, he’s aggressively pounding Suspense’s plump ass without mercy all over the room and in a variety of exciting positions – including bent across a table, sitting on a chair, and even under a desk! While Blake Bishop’s big and beautiful DICK is without a doubt the star of the show, you can rest assured that with Lil Tyga behind the camera, we’re also treated to some very nice shots of the sexy top’s cute, tempting BUTT as he slams in and out of Suspense.

Alternating between a slow, sensual rhythm and more demanding thrusts, Blake Bishop skillfully strokes that ass into submission and makes sure that Suspense and all of BBA’s viewers know THERE’S A NEW TOP IN TOWN!

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