“…he’s not that….gay.” College Hill Atlanta’s Drew

March 31st, 2008 by kcrave

So what if he looks gay. Or that he rockin’ some fake ass diamonds on his ears. Or that he’s obsessed with Dorion…or Darion or whateva that BGC Top #10 sissy wannabe. So what? Or that his eyebrows are arched betta than my mama’s. So the fuck what? Or I that I saw him in Miami auditioning for a Cocodorm spot. Or that I heard him and Brick were a couple now. Seriously ya’ll need to get off my man’s dick. Fake ass haterz. My baby fine. Ya’ll just wish you looked as fine as him!


2 Responses to “ “…he’s not that….gay.” College Hill Atlanta’s Drew ”
  • darion says:

    lmao u crazy

  • Graydan says:

    So is he gay or not ? lol

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