From the UK With Luv: Drew

December 27th, 2007 by kcrave - Drew

Damn, I wish would just create a full black version of their site and give some of my other sponsors a run for their money. Like before, UK provides the heat with sexy ass Drew. With a killer smile and fat dick, I may have to send a hard pressed email to the site’s owners.


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  • meatlman says:

    Use to get all excited by big ass dicks like that until a dude almost tore me a new asshole. Couldn’t shit correctly for weeks. So, fuck them donkey dicks if they got no skillz at plowing the hole.

  • EatMyAss says:

    Aww, how cute..He’s just as gay as he wanna be..bless his lil UK heart..

  • dmx says:


  • Greggie Fresh says:

    I agree totally with EatMyASS. Looks like a drag queen who took her clothes off for the cover shoot. Please his lil pea pickin limey heart.

  • King b 08 says:

    wish they make a only black line

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