Detroit After Dark

September 29th, 2017 by kcrave

We’re concluding our recent Detroit series with a much-anticipated and long overdue pairing between two of BBA’s most popular and well-endowed “tops.”

For almost a year, Blake Bishop and Bandit have been locked in an epic back-and-forth battle for the ranking of Third Most Popular model on the site (right behind Apollo and Isaiah). They were supposed to have met and worked together on at least THREE different occasions already, but every time it just hasn’t worked out.

Both guys have been eager to prove to each other as well as their fans why they deserve that #3 spot. And our recent trip to Detroit for Hotter Than July Pride provided the perfect opportunity for these competing fan favorites to FINALLY meet in person and settle the score once and for all.


Big Dick Muscle Gio Fucks Kidd

July 29th, 2017 by kcrave

 Big Dick Muscle Gio Fucks Kidd

Big dick muscle jock Gio, gets aggressive as he welcomes back Kidd Icon to the breed. Gio mercilessly fucks Kidd’s mouth and hole til he spews hot ropes of nutt all over his face. Kidd is in love with the D. I mean drunk on it. DICK IS EVERYTHING he kept saying. Gio holds nothing back as Kidd Icon eventually taps out. Get yo lube, bust your nutt and #JoinTheBreed!


There’s A New Top In Town – Blake Bishop and Suspense

May 19th, 2015 by kcrave


This week we’re introducing something exciting and new that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile: a special series of scenes filmed and directed by the BBA models! For this particular shoot, I trained Lil Tyga on how to use the camera and then turned him loose to film and direct the scene as he wished.

It’s somewhat fitting that for his directorial debut, Lil Tyga was able to work with Blake Bishop, a brand-new model who reminds me a lot of him when he first started out. A sexy, bisexual “top” with a slim, athletic body and insatiable appetite for tight ass, Blake Bishop comes to us from Baltimore through the BBA Tumblr and tells us that he’s always fantasized about performing in porn.
For his amateur action debut, we’ve paired Blake Bishop with the popular BBA veteran Suspense, who proved in his encounter with Migo last year that there’s no dick out there TOO BIG or TOO ROUGH for his thick, juicy ass! “I hope you can bring it!” Suspense playfully taunts his newbie co-star shortly after meeting him for the very first time. “I hope you can TAKE IT!” Blake Bishop replies with a confident smile.

Like an excited child unwrapping a present, Suspense wastes no time helping Blake Bishop out of his clothes and getting his first look at the new model’s slim, sexy body. He slowly and seductively pulls down Blake Bishop’s boxers to reveal a very PLEASANT SURPRISE! Don’t let Blake Bishop’s quiet and laid-back personality fool you! This sexy new “top” is a force to be reckoned with when the clothes come off and the action begins.

It’s fun to watch Blake Bishop slowly shake off his nerves and come out of his shell and before you know it, he’s aggressively pounding Suspense’s plump ass without mercy all over the room and in a variety of exciting positions – including bent across a table, sitting on a chair, and even under a desk! While Blake Bishop’s big and beautiful DICK is without a doubt the star of the show, you can rest assured that with Lil Tyga behind the camera, we’re also treated to some very nice shots of the sexy top’s cute, tempting BUTT as he slams in and out of Suspense.

Alternating between a slow, sensual rhythm and more demanding thrusts, Blake Bishop skillfully strokes that ass into submission and makes sure that Suspense and all of BBA’s viewers know THERE’S A NEW TOP IN TOWN!


Talk shit, make it spit – Amatuer Video

May 10th, 2015 by kcrave

Spoil Me, Swing Me, Fuck Me – Ace Rockwood and XL Return

September 18th, 2014 by kcrave

Spoil Me, Swing Me, Fuck Me - Ace Rockwood and XL Return

This is the event you’ve been waiting for. XL, The New Vers King, is back with big-dicked Ace Rockwood and a sex swing. What more could we ask for? The fuckin is hot as hell as a clean shaven Ace sizes XL up on the swing and gives him the works. You ready for hot, passionate kissing? We got that. You want big dick sucking? Check. You wanna see the hottest fuckin’ of the summer? Then you’ve been waiting for this one.