Nelly for President

July 29th, 2008 by kcrave

Puffy said: “Nelly has the attitude, the swagger, and most of all the physique that our customers can both aspire and relate to … And let’s be honest, all of the ladies (fellas) out there are going to be thanking us for this campaign!”

I still ain’t buyin his clothes!


Ford Model: Ian Morris

January 9th, 2008 by kcrave

Ian Morris demonstrates the basics of using a karate bo staff and how to incorporate its movements into a cardio workout.

I have a new year resolution!


Are you the ONE?: Sizzle Model 2009 Calendar Search

January 7th, 2008 by kcrave

2009 Calendar Search


Shooting in Miami, Los Angeles & New York.
Qualified Applicants must submit images, contact details, and stats ( height, weight, chest, age).16 Models will be selected and flown to the nearest city (Miami, Los Angeles or New York) to be shot for the 2009 Calendar.

Applicants Must Apply By Feb 15th, 2008
Calendar Shot Mid March

Submit your images, contact detail, location, and stats to: calendar_search@sizzlemiami.com


Cover Model – AXL

December 8th, 2007 by kcrave

Axl from Flavamen

“I knew I was addicted to sex from a very early age,” he says, no shame in his game. “I was fooling around with kissing and other oral stuff with this girl next door when we were ten years old. By fifteen I was already sneaking into the one adult bookstore I had to take a long bus ride to get to, using a fake I.D. just to peek through the magazines, looking at those titties, and then work my way to the booths in the back – where tha action there freaked me out so bad, I stopped going after the second time.”


IMG Model: Armando Cabral

November 11th, 2007 by kcrave

Armando Cabral

Ok I know what your thinking, Kcrave please give us some effin’ porn!… but hey it’s the weekend, so enjoy the batch of different ish. You may be asking, so whose the African looking dude? Well believe it or not, he’s one of the Top 50 Models from Models.com and is currently signed with IMG Models. The 23 year old was first discovered in 2001 in Portugal while hanging out with sister and was immediately signed. I see why. I find Armando exquisite. Those ears could rule continents alone. Models.com praises him even further…

The epitome of runway and editorial elegance, Armando has glided from the runways of Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Michael Kors into the pages of Numero. Now poised for his big breakthrough campaign season the very polished Armando is blue chip bound.

And when asked about his future ambitions.

What are your aspirations for the future?
I am very focused on my career right now, and I want to get the best out of it, so therefore I have a strong desire to reach the top of this game. I would be happy for things to continue the way they are now. (source – Myfashionlife.com)

You can find more photos of Armando at IMG Models.