Bus Stop Pimpen

September 29th, 2011 by kcrave

Bus Stop Pimpen: feat Knight + Rell

Black Rayne Productions presents Knight’s Bus Stop Pimpen. Yeah you know how it is in BIG cities, a lot of people ride public transportation…even the hood bois! We introduce Rell getting his hygeine on and tryna buss a nutt when he realizes he NEEDS SOME DICK. So he hops up, puts on some clothes and heads out to find him some dick…AT THE BUS STOP.
Trade bois always riding around, cruising and lookin to freak. Knight of course is a master of finding those deep bootied bottoms to release his nutt in. Get into this shit. Knight fucks Rell silly, but Rell’s booty is NOT for the weak, homie can sw some dick, both in his mouth AND in his ass. LEGGO! **Side bar…lol…once again the lights going out was not planned but hey we dont stop the show, we just keep filming and fuckin.

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