Breion Fucks Anubis! (aka Berlin)

April 20th, 2008 by kcrave

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Damn Berlin! Your just making your way around the internets these days. Dawgpoundusa, Papithugz,, Enrique Cruz, Tiger Tyson, and now Flava””””””””s got you. I haven””””””””t seen this much world domination in black gay porn since Venom. What””””””””s next? Berlin: Once Upon A Time In New York 4. Hell if Shorty J can knock it out of the park, you can too!

Breion and Anubis just chillin watchin some shit on tv and who cares about that shit when you got a fine piece of ass like that right in front of ya. Breion strips down the muscular hot as fuck Anubis and starts eatin dat ass and gettin his dick all up in Anubis”””””””” face. The brotha ain””””””””t trippin and be offering his ass to Breion who can””””””””t deny that shit and fucks him hard doggy style and then flips him around to finish him off and nut all over dat big phat ass.


5 Responses to “ Breion Fucks Anubis! (aka Berlin) ”
  • topman516 says:

    He is a sexy ass piece of chocolate. I’d love to have that ass all in my face and over my dick!

  • Sorry says:

    Sorry but Breion is the most overrated tiny dicked top in porn. Not to mention his face is smashed.

  • BJezzy says:

    “Breion a Thug” ?? dont know about that- more of queen to me!

  • david small says:

    such haters! Damn giv da boy his props, he sexy, tight face, tight grill, big ass dick, and non stop publicity. so obviously niggaz like em!

  • lildiamond says:

    lovd the clip busted off three times seeing breion in action

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