Dyson Meets BowFlexx

July 27th, 2009 by kcrave


It all started with a dare. Bowflexx had lit up his cigarette and was chillen. When asked where he got the name “Dyson” from he quickly replied, “yeah they call me Dyson, cause im guaranteed to never lose suction”.
So I told him I bet you wont suck his dick right here and now. And WITHOUT HESITATION, Dyson fell to his knees and started massaging Bowflexx’s dick to brick with his warm mouth.

Before you know they were ready to come out them clothes right there. So they move the action to the truck. And Dyson goes “beast” on dat dick, spitting on it, slurping on it, while Bowflexx is enjoying dat fiyah dome, he makes sure he is keeping a watchful eye out to make sure no one one is peaking. (but im taping so we can all see) Bout to explode with in Dyson’s mouth, he is ready to stand up in it. They take it back to the room, and Bowflexx’s dick again is charmed to stiffness when Dyson starts to do dat bump and grind. One thing leads to another and a fuckin they go and all the while, raw, uncensored and Black Rayne Style.


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