Ace Rockwood and Prince Le Beau

September 27th, 2010 by kcrave

Ace Rockwood and Prince Le Beau

Ace and Prince chillin the pull down in gorgeous Miami. Two brothas just foolin around actin like silly little girls. Good times, but once the dicks start comin out shit gets serious real fast. These two lovers ain’t messin about when it comes to dickin each other down. Ace is ruthless, smashin that ass like non other and Prince is lovin every second of it, suckin that nut right outta Ace!


Onyx + Spyder Man

September 23rd, 2010 by kcrave

Rawrods - Onyx fucks Spyder Man tight black ass

Onyx in need for a good dick suckin, and Spyder Man is just his dude for that. After a wild oral session Onyx is ready to dick Spyder down raw. Hittin him with all he got til they’re both ready to bust those nuts. Yea, they hella exhausted after that workout, but it was worth it all in the end to get this primo footage of two hot and horny brothas.


DeAngelo Jackson and Malachi Damon

September 22nd, 2010 by kcrave

Papicock - DeAngelo Jackson and Malachi Damon

DeAngelo lookin for some hot papi to fuck tonight. Good thing he got Malachi Damon around, hot as hell with his smooth ripped body. He loves suckin DeAngelo’s dick gettin himself all excited and ready for DeAngelo’s big ass dick. Malachi bends over the kitchen table and DeAngelo aint sayin no to an invitation like that. He’s gonna get his nut for sure and ain’t nobody stopping him!


Romeo Storm + Tokyo

September 16th, 2010 by kcrave

Rawrods - Romeo Storm + Tokyo

Romeo lookin for a piece of ass to assault with his big ass thug dick. He finds Tokyo on the street and pays for his shit who then follows Romeo right to his room, just like he wants it. The two hit it off right away gettin naked and ready to fuck. Romeo slays that phat ass like whoa damn son, that shit is fuckin hot as hell!


Cocky Boi and Shujenko

September 11th, 2010 by kcrave

Breeditraw - Shujenko and Cockyboi

Cocky Boi, 5’10, 165lbs and a nice thick dick ready for the pounding. In this scene, we meet Cocky Boi for the first time. He likes to get his dick rode and most of all he likes to fuck doggie. He likes to be in control…run dat thick pipe all up in some ass. Get da lube out cause this one is going to be a nutt bussa!