Boiz Nite Out

May 28th, 2010 by kcrave

This video is packed with fuckin, sucking and a LOT of nutt! 7 hot bois meet up at a bar before going to work out a lil bit. High and drunk these fellas get it on and poppin right there in the gym. Bowflexx. Truth, Cash Money, Kapone, Pyro, Red Bird and D-Lo turn this gym out as they go hard and go deep. One of the guys does wear a condom but everything else is raw dicks in ass and Red Bird gets a cum bath at the end. Get into it! Anotha smashin one from Black Rayne and Breed It Raw.


Ruthless and Nino

May 28th, 2010 by kcrave

New Latin boy Ruthless gets sucked up by Nino. Then Ruthless rides that big uncut dick in lots of different positions.


Ty’s Orgy

May 18th, 2010 by kcrave

The name, Ebony Gay Orgy, says it all! 4 hot black guys, all going into one hotel room for some free-for-all action. 4 cocks means 4 times the fun, and 4 assholes being filled! You’ve heard the stories about soul trains, well this is the coal train! Choo choo! It’s coming straight for your ass, so watch out!


Fuckin’ Royalty

May 16th, 2010 by kcrave

The infamous prince of pleasure is back with a smash video with one of our pioneer video models Supaman. This couple couldnt help but get it started and get it in. Lots of dick smackin, booty tappin and hot creamy nutt to slurp up. Its another nuttbusting scene from Black Rayne. Get into it. Watch these muscular bodies go head to head and dick to ass. Spray dat nutt!


Hot Rod + Remy Mars

May 14th, 2010 by kcrave

Remy Mars runnin round Philly all confused n shit lookin for a place to stay. He so caught up in his phone he runs right into Hotrod and axe him where to stay around here. Hotrod is down for that, and invites Remy back to his hotel so he can check it out. I guess Remy won’t need to pay one himself, cuz these brothas be gettin down like they been fuck buddies for decades. Remy’s lips are all over that dick and gettin it all lubed up. Remy wants to feel that shit now and Hotrod gon give it to him raw. These two are feelin each other like crazy, Remy nuts all over that pretty hotel furniture while Hotrod is fuckin him doggy style, who then cums right in his ass. You gotta check out all that sticky stuff bubblin outta Remy’s fuckhole. This shit was a success!