Kashmeir + Kemancheo

April 29th, 2010 by kcrave

Kashmeir hollain at his boi Kemancheo for some good ass raw fuckin cuz a brotha ain’t got non in a minute. Kemancheo of course knows to please, offering his cakes up for Kashmeir to do whatever the fuck wit it, so he’s takin Kemancheo for one hell of a ride. These two are feelin each other like damn son, some crazy ass fuckin goin on in here with a big beautiful nut all over Kemancheo’s ass.


Latest Dance: Dick Slang

April 28th, 2010 by kcrave

No homo right? LMAO!


Tonio and Jako

April 20th, 2010 by kcrave

The other day we got a call from Marcelo, our Members very favorite top. Marcelo was breathless as described a guy he’d just met (and later fucked). “Nick”, (your webmaster) said, “You’ve got to film this guy; he’s amazing.”

Well, we’d heard things like that before and it never seems to pan out. But, we’ve never heard it from Marcelo and, knowing him, we thought that this time it might just well be true.

I asked Marcelo who he thought would be good with Tonio and he shot back with “Jako.” We’d met Jako before and knew him as Marcelo’s old boyfriend and from what Marcelo had said, a really hot bottom. This time Marcelo wanted to see his old BF be the top and we agreed. When Tonio arrived everyone was turned on by his hot body, his big bubble butt and his cute & sexy face. And then when the action began it was like a fantasy come true. Jako was hot as we knew he would be…

Tonio was more than hot. He was amazing. This boy loves to get fucked; and fucked hard. He’s an athlete (gymnast) when fucking. I think I can safely say that you can expect to see him here again, and soon!

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Que (Day26) Naked Pics!

April 20th, 2010 by kcrave

When all else fails, do some hoeshit! LOL


Edwin Salvador and Tyson

April 20th, 2010 by kcrave

Edwin in need for some professional lovin, so he calls up just the right guy. Tyson knows what he’s doing for sure, he can slang that dick like no other. Hot as hell body and the pinga to match it. Edwin is all over that dick in no time, provin himself as a good cock sucker. Tyson is satisfied with the perfomance, so he flips Edwin over, eats that ass for a minute and then straight up commences ass destruction duties. Edwin’s definitely is gettin his money worth, as are all ya watchin this hot fuckin action!