Baby Star and Romeo Storm

March 26th, 2010 by kcrave

Romeo Storm bringin over Baby Star to his crib to show him wassup. Baby Star got some trouble wit his dancin and gettin all the boys hot and bothered, so Romeo tells him he gotta put some sex appeal into dat shit. Romeo don’t seem to be concerned with teachin Baby Star how to dance properly, as soon as the shirt comes off his dick is gettin hard, and what was supposed to be an educational setting turns into and all out sex show. Romeo’s dick is hella big and phyne ass fuck Baby Star ain’t got no trouble parkin his ass on dat. He can take that dick all day long and Romeo makes good use of him bangin dat booty all over the place. Yea, I think Baby Star definitely gon be a better dancer now with this vip treatment.


Killah Instincts

March 13th, 2010 by kcrave

Killah known in the past from other sites and DVDs has jumped on board a winning team. A freaky team and of course our very own Kazanova. These two were hot..from beginning to end. Killah wit dat killah dick put the heat on Kazanova. Tite bodies, bootiful asses and chemistry that kept goin and goin and goin! Check out these two hotties in this RAW skin to skin dick down. A nice eruption of nutt just for you.