Dorian from CollegeHill – Naked Pics!!! WOW!

June 22nd, 2009 by kcrave

Dorian - College Hill Naked Photos

Dorian from CollegeHill has claimed that someone hacked into his Twitter account and posted unreleased photos of himself.  Details later…LOL.


Papicock’s Cody and Kyler

June 17th, 2009 by kcrave


Cody Kyler chatting up buff as hell Wellington on one of Rio’s gorgeous beaches. Cody drags Wellington back to his apartment and the action starts right away. Cody works that dick real good with his pretty face, and Wellington eats that ass for to get Cody all hot and bothered. Before you know it Wellington jumps on Cody’s dick and the party really gets started. Cody tears that ass up real good and nuts all over Wellington!


Breion and Kidd

June 17th, 2009 by kcrave

Thugboy.com - Breion and Kidd

Breion and Kidd just hanging out and shit’s boring as fuck, so Kidd goes over to Breion, pulls down his pants and sucks his motherfuckin dick like he supposed to. But we know Breion, before ya kno wassup he’s already stickin his face in Kidd’s ass eating that ass like he ain’t had none in years. Yea dat’s Breion, ass eater extraordinaire, and when that sloppy lil hole is all wet he rams his monster thug dick right in there and he ain’t showin no mercy. Breion’s totally into this Kidd guy and it shows. The two fuck like there ain’t no tomorrow and Breion busts a big fat nut on Kidd’s face.


Thugboy’s DangerZone & Sincere Luv

June 9th, 2009 by kcrave

Sincere Luv droppin by Danger Zone’s crib. Danger ain’t asnwering the door, but it’s open anyways, so Sincere Luv slips right in and sees Danger watchin some hot ass CocoDorm Dorm Life flick. Dats wassup, so Sincere Luv is all into dat shit too. Danger is already butt ass naked, so Sincere Luv sucks that dick right away. But Danger gets bored wit dat so he flips Sincere over and dicks him down real good. This kinda vicious fuckin is absolutely legendary and yall just gotta check dis shit out for yoselfs.


Curtis J Rockafella + Elmo Carter

June 3rd, 2009 by kcrave

New addition to the Rockafellaz, Curtis J and Elmo Carter get up for a card game after a long pride weekend in Miami. Elmo talks about going to the beach and the clubs and Curtis talks about the beach and not being able to get no ass. Elmo sees that it’s a problem and wants to know how he can help. You can tell just by looking at Curtis that he was already planning something from the jump. Typical Rockafella right. Well after the card game he wastes no time in getting that dick sucked and getting a Piece of Mr. Carter. Then he jumps off in that ass and fucks him fast and hard.