Freddie Fucks Baby Boy

March 17th, 2009 by kcrave

Papithugz - Baby Boy and Freddie

We””re back in gorgeous Rio pairing up the slick pretty Baby Boy with the huge muscle bound Brazilian Freddie. His body is amazing and his dick just big enough to spear Baby Boy with it and send him to sex heaven. The two get it in on in a sensual fuck session with the two taking turns nutting over each other faces!


Indy and Tony Michaels

March 9th, 2009 by kcrave

Indy and Tony Michaels
Indy found himself some damn fine white piece a ass down in Miami on his business trip. Tha brotha got only one thing on his mind and that””s slaughtering that ass! But wit a twist, the two are some versatile motherfuckers, so Tony goes first fuckin Indy hard doggy style and ridin that dick, but then Indy gets his turn with a stellar fuck performance and a nut to the chest! Then Tony busts a monster explosion right on Indy””s face!


Black Ty Fucks Carlos

March 8th, 2009 by kcrave

Black Ty and Carlos Ramirez
Carlos on the phone runnin into some foo named Black Ty. The two hit it right off and go back to tha crib to smoke some dope, but the dick takes over and Carlos is massively deep throatin that shit. Yo that brotha is one master dick sucka fa sho! Ty returns the favor for a minute, but then decides it””s time to fuck Carlos”” phat ass. Yea he hittin that shit in all the right spots with Carlos in fuckin love with that ass poundin and suckin that nut right of Ty””s dick!


Meet Mr. Hard Stroke (Video)

March 8th, 2009 by kcrave

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Jovonnie Doubles Up!

March 8th, 2009 by kcrave

Miguel Jovonnie Danger
If you”re in the mood to see 3 sexy horny dogs madd fuckin then you came to the right place. First check out new discovery star bottom Miguel Lee take it hard and heavy from fan favorite Jovonnie and also from Danger with his big, uncut 2-toned dick. AND as a bonus surprise Danger flips the script and gives up the booty to Jovonnie and gets the fuckin of his life. Jovonnie makes him scream as that big dick jams up his tight asshole. Shit. 2009 is young, but this is one of our best of the year.