RawRods – Hot Threesome!

January 22nd, 2009 by kcrave

Devious is a new addition to the Rockafellaz and its up to Leo to see if he is down for the cause. They go out and pick up this kat named Dragon and take him back to the hotel. Dragon is taking too long with his decision if he wants to join the Rockafellaz or not. Leo and Devious is not the ones with patience either, once reason being is because they know that Rock is not the one to keep waiting. They end up knocking Dragon out and takin that ass, then leaving him lying on the floor. Guess who walks in? Well I don’t want to spoil it, even though you already know who is in the damn scene but lets let our imagination go aight, you will have to find out.


Chico Rico and Ice King

January 7th, 2009 by kcrave

These two San Juan papis get right to it! Hooking up at the hotel pool they go straight back to the room to start rippin each other clothes off. Chico Rico gets his ass tingled real good by Ice King””s tongue and soon Chico is ready to take some dick! Ice King knows how to give an ass a good work out, this papi is really fuckin the hell outta Chico!


Thugboy.com – DangerZone and Hardcore

January 4th, 2009 by kcrave

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Danger Zone just tryin to chill suckin on a cigarette, but that ain”t what he need. Thug be pissed as fuck about gettin no ass and Hardcore ain”t helpin being an annoying cunt wit his bball. Danger ain”t amused and after showin a brotha who da boss the two head back to the crib. Hardcore agreed to take care of Danger”s problem. Yo, Hardcore sure as fuck solved that shit for Danger who is puttin tha hurt on Hardcore”s ass. Yea this some wild ass hardcore fuckin fa sho!


Noah’s Arc – Coming to DVD!

January 4th, 2009 by kcrave

In this charmingly lovable feature film that picks up where the Logo TV series ended, Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance travel to Martha””””””””s Vineyard to marry Noah off to the über-hot Wade. Drama, romance and sex ensues as the boys are thrown into a tizzy.


RawRods – Hot Rod and Manny Baby

January 4th, 2009 by kcrave

Manny Baby is pissed as hell. He comes back in after meeting with them kats from Thugboy and they basically stop fucking with him. Manny explains to Hotrod what happened and that is surrounding the meetin that they had with Rock a while back. Manny tried to explain that it was all about business, but they just was not hearing what he had to say. Hotrod calms Manny down and lets him know shit will work out. He provides something to ease his mind, his ass and his dick. This is how they get down, they may not be Rockafellaz but they definitely some gangstaz. The cum shot on this one is a mind blower.