Thugboy Threesome

June 23rd, 2008 by kcrave

Yo I tell em it’s all about dat threesome, cuz what’s better than gettin yo ass torn up while gettin face fucked? Ain’t nottin come close to that shit and dat’s wassup in this flick. Tastee ends up being sandwiched by Elmo’s and Manny’s dick and then it’s Elmo’s turn to get some dick. Everyone gittin some good action in this, especially when Manny nuts right into Elmo’s mouth and then the cum sharin begins!


Papicock.com – Baby Aguilar and Flamez

June 17th, 2008 by kcrave

Flamez needs to take a piss and he needs to take it now. He doesn’t even realize Baby Aguilar is hiding in the corner of the stall, but when Flamez realizes he ain’t alone he’s quick to put his dick in Aguilar’s face. Aguilar got no problem with that, he’s all about craving dick and slathering his spit all over that huge Papi cock. Aguilar ain’t no stranger to gettin fucked either and Flamez is just the kinda rough Papi to take advantage of a cute ass and obliterate it. Aguilar is taking some major dick and does it with pride!

Hot!…yeah I know I got latin, latino, puerto-rican, papi, spanish fever!



June 13th, 2008 by kcrave


LatinJocks.com – Marcelo and Lukas

June 11th, 2008 by kcrave

Hey Guys,

We pretty excited about the new hotties this week at LatinJocks! On Thursday, two of our Members favorites get together for an afternoon session of amazingly hot sex. LUKAS & MARCELO are an amazing pair. LUKAS has an amazingly chiseled body and a great bubble butt. MARCELO, besides being super cute, has an enormous (and very thick) 8″ cock.

We’ve been trying to get MARCELO to bottom for us and he finally agreed! Not only was he great a great top as usual, he came 2 times while LUKAS was fucking him – HOT!

Marcelo! Mmmm remember him very well 🙂


Noah’s Arc: The Film

June 9th, 2008 by kcrave

It’s about damn time. As always Alex steals the show…