Ruff Ryder – Part 1

December 22nd, 2007 by kcrave

Ruff Ryder

On Ruff Ryder

Friend: Who you postin next?
Kcrave: This fine ass nigga named Ruff Ryder
Friend: ruff Ryder…? Ain’ that shit like 1998
Kcrave: lol
Friend: let me see him
Kcrave: Ok
Friend: DAMN he fyne!
Kcrave: I know /it takes me longer to edit the photos when they too fine.
Friend: he looks like the type of thug that hangs out around my apt, not doing shit.
Kcrave: Like you don’t mind.
Friend: i know right…but still all they do is smoke and get girls pregnant
Kcrave: lol


Thugboy’s Smooth & Marlon Black

December 22nd, 2007 by kcrave

Smooth and Marlon Black

Marlon Black takin Johnnyboy under his wings, show em thug how to get some mo into shape, workin out n shit, but we ain’t here for that shit. We wanna see some dick suckin and fuckin and there’s plenty of that shit to see up in here. Marlon thinks Johnny be fine as fuck, so he pulls out Johnny’s dick and sucks it all hard,… sort of makin Johnny feel good for the ass poundin he’s gonna receive from Marlon. Johnnyboy takes that dick fa sho getting fucked doggystyle non stop til Marlon busts a nut on his face fa sho!


Music Roundup #2: MJB & Janet

December 19th, 2007 by kcrave

Mary J. Blige and Janet

Don’t you hate it when your favorite singers release the weakest shit from their album first. This is how I feel about Mary’s 8th studio album Growing Pains. Don’t get me wrong, Growing Pains is a wonderful album. No doubt it will be in the critics Top album list for 2007.  What makes this album so great is that its consistently good. Mary truly returns to her Hip-Hop/R&B roots in “Stay Down” and “Roses”. However, she blossoms like the Queen she is in “Hurt Again” and “Work In Progress (Growing Pains)” which is a direct blow to Keyshia Cole’s Just Like You. The song itself blow’s Keyshia entire album concept out of the water.

Just like you
sometimes I get down
sometimes I just wanna cry
sometimes I get depress
and just like me
trying to be complete… 

Penny returns! If you haven’t heard Janet’s Feedback yet, go check it out! The only problem I have with this Rodney Jerkins penned track, is that it definitely came from the lost tapes of Britney’s Blackout album. It’s fast, features Janet’s voice (of what’s left) turnt and spit out. It makes references to a little girl’s period.  She even holla’s at the Asian men. It’s a hot track, I’m just not sure if this is the direction Janet should be taking for her next album due in February ’08.  I guess I just miss the… Jimmy Jam Terry Lewis I Get Lonely It’s been 10 years since Velvet Rope Janet.


One Man Ruled Them All: Will Smith

December 19th, 2007 by kcrave

Will Smith - I Am Legend

Man was I wrong about Will Smith’s latest movie.  While in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to see I Am Legend and I must say I was not disappointed in the story. Even though the ending could have better, this is by far Willy’s best movie. Yes, even better than The Pursuit of Happyness, which was another attempt to get him an Oscar. I left the theatre with a lot of questions unanswered though. What was the purpose of him chasing the deers in the beginning? Regardless go see the movie and tell me what you thought of it.


Smooth and Trick

December 19th, 2007 by kcrave

Smooth And Trick

Smooth be back at da crib hollain at his brotha Trick for some early afternoon fuck action. He aint got da chance yet to break in his kitchen, so he slams dat big fat thug dick of his right in Trick’s face by the fridge. Smooth then eats dat ass with Trick bent over tha granite counter tops, gets dat shit nice and wet so he can bang da fuck outta it. Trick sure is screamin fo his life lovin every second of it!

Damn is everyone returning these days! As always Thugboy.com provides the hotness for ya’ll.